Over 10 Years grains processing experience
Promise 2 years warranty after commissioning
Customization 2M+1 capital Solution for clients
Able to do turnkey project in 3000TPH
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XIMAI accompany with all grains from all over the world

XIMAI company is regarded as a general solution service provider and project system integration service provider with equipment technology research and development, engineering design, manufacturing, project contracting as business units.

After nearly many years of ups and downs and crises, relying on the strength of excellent products and continuous innovation, the enterprise has always been a leader in the industry technology.

After thorough restructuring, the enterprise has become more energetic and has been cooperating with Henan University of Technology, and Wuxi Jiangnan University has launched new products every year.

Main products are the project solution for wheat flour milling plant ,maize flour making plant ,other grains processing projects, namely the solution service range for flour making completed line including grain pre-cleaning section workshop, Silo storage , Cleaning section workshop,Flour milling workshop,System Controller ,Site construction engineering service ,Project design and engineering , Customization service.

The "XIMAI people" are modest and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, and tireless,looking forward to establishing cooperation relationship with you .


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